PR and Development Strategic

PR and Development Strategy

Our award winning team is here to make you smile again, customizing business design and representation. We have vast experience of both small and large projects.

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Business development entails tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations. It is a subset of the fields of business, commerce and organizational theory. That is why we fit in to help your business grow.

We can carry out the following base on experience in today’s world.

  1. Research
  2. Strategize and plan
  3. Implement, execute and communicate
  4. Evaluate

Talk about the area of Publicity and special events
 Issues management
 Crisis communication

Trusted counsel – Advise and anticipate.
 Internal communication – Engage employees.
 Media relations – Develop public trust.
 Community relations – Establish public support.
 External communication – Build public support
and trust.

We advise numerous publicly & private held companies regarding compliance on how to grow their business.

We are strategically position to build your company to reach the target market, we are sales persons and our obligation is to act only in accordance with client’s business strategy, corporate culture, and acceptable management structure.

We are global business service provider in emerging markets. Our services cover international representation in manufacturing, suppliers, and business growth.

As part of our plans to grow your business, we act on behalf of you and in accordance to your preferences; we always in front line ensuring that all your need will be met.

We will help to increase your profits by capitalizing on sales and products.

No doubt there are lots of merging and business break down but still we are all your company or business needs, why because we carry the bonding’s and outshine your company in the mix of customer rush for trust. We are base on standards, quality, communication, on time performance, and goal getters. Why our core value are based on:

  1. Searching for new customers and clients
  2. Acting on your behalf when dealing with customers and clients.
  3. Representing your company with other business, networking partners and joint ventures associates.
  4. Representing and selling your products to other firms
  5. Getting you products sold or distribution channels related to your products.
  6. Providing after sales services, including customer support for your products.

Businesses know how essential it is to charm, retain and grow profitable customer relationships.

Our team of experts can work with you to:

  • Develop and deploy your market and customer strategy
  • Develop and help implement insightful customer analytics that allow you to understand and anticipate customer needs
  • Develop pricing, promotion, channel and product strategies that improve your margin and increase your profits
  • Improve customer service management
  • Improve marketing and sales performance
  • Streamline and accelerate your collections processes

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Our public & private clients range from multi-billion naira national companies to emerging micro-cap companies in various industries, including life science, technology, retail, and banking

Daveno creations & services is equipped to assist our public & private clients with a innumerable of legitimate anxieties, which includes corporate representation, corporate government matters, and government investigations to mention but a few.

Private equity

As the chief legal provider to emerging companies in Africa & Nigeria, we regularly represent growing companies in private equity transactions, even recapitalization, acquisitions, or investments. We have extensive experience in complex financing transactions, including


High yield financing

Fund formation

Portfolio company investment activities


We also represent venture capital firms in their investments and sales of companies, and advice companies on structuring themselves to best attract private equity and venture investment.

Startups companies

Daveno creations & services are at the forefront of providing full-service legal representation to startups and emerging growth companies. From the ground up, emerging growth companies must formulate a business plan, assemble the right management team, and secure the funding needed to establish, execute, and expand the business.

Daveno creations & services is a dependable and resourceful partner each step of the way. We are intimately familiar with legal issues faced by entrepreneurs, including organizational structure like:

Protection and licensing of intellectual property



You can think of us as your point of responsibility.

Our experienced team members and all-encompassing track record give us the ability to magnificently manage complex projects, integrating finance, management and operational issues to deliver full service real estate solutions all from one place.

With Daveno creations & services development of company, you have a focused partner who offers all in house expertise and resources you need to achieve or exceed your real estate goals. A dedicated project team will work with you closely to clarify your objectives and review your opportunities. Then we’ll contrive a rationalized plan in line with your ambitions and commit to delivering the project as planned. We can also help with the specifics. Like assessing ownership and financing options, overcoming permitting sprints, environmental solution. It’s all about achieving maximum value and enduring assets and communities. Our core development services include

Development of site

Selection and Evaluation

Master planning

Build to suit assessment

Project feasibility study

Design/build, design/build

Public/private partnerships

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Risk Management 89%
Advertisement 91%
Marketing 95%
Wedding 100%

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